Happy New Year!


Happy new years everyone! It will be an exciting year 🙂

Thank you all for all the support and encouragement for this project! 

I hope to post a lot here in the coming months for all of you 😉


Dear Readers,

I can not do this without you 🙂

  • My Generosity fundraising page went live!

Link here:

I am very grateful for any amount of donations and sharing is caring more then usual 🙂

I hope to reach as far as possible to have bigger chances to make this dream come to reality.

  • Also I added two buttons to the side. They essentially do the same thing, but the coffee one looks way cooler 🙂

I would love to sit down for a tea / coffee with all of you and chat about nothing and everything, but I can not meet you now, but you could invite me for a virtual coffee or donate on Paypal to help with my expenses.
You can find these on the side panel here. I will leave them there.

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Tsukuba budo

It seems Tsukuba will be an important destination for me. Mori sensei is there and today I was adviced to visit a jodo sensei there. Both of them teach at the university. Andi, i will often visut you it seems 🙂

Heads up

These days I am hunting for affordable plane tickets. I can see its possible 🙂

I spoke with friends in Japan and it seems I will be able to visit the head dojo of my school many times in the coming year! Very good news!

Letter of Acceptance

To my future readers, as the first official post 🙂

I got the answer last week, I got in!

Now comes the preparation, working a lot to pay the fees, arranging flight ticket and sorting out everything.

Japan here I come!