Generosity Update #10

Things are slowly advancing,  I managed to submit Visa application last week!
Although Belgium is trying everything to mess with my plans. First, I had to work on that day, so I had to leave earlier from my job to have any chance to get there in the opening hours.

Then the trains were delayed because of a bomb alert at the Leuven station. Then the train company’s IT system collapsed in Brussels.
When I arrived to the Japanese Embassy after some running they told me that the photos I brought are not acceptable because they look like the one on my ID, which means they are older then 6 months and thats not good. I need new ones. Closest photo machine is a train stop or a metro stop away… Train and metro in a 5-10 min walk/run.  I managed to find it in at the next metro stop and made new ID photos and payed more then I was supposed to because the photo machine did not have change. Then running back to be in time… 20 min before closing I managed to submit everything and could head home.
I only needed to wait some 15-20 minutes in the metro because that had to stop for some tine too for some reason. Somehow I managed to get back to Leuven safe with a promise for a Visa.

Going to pick it up this Wednesday… I hope all went alright!


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Generosity update #9

Campaign update – click for the campaign

Two weeks ago I had the chance to practice in the White Rose Kyudojo. They are an amazing group with very good teachers and good team spirit. I had a crash course for the taihai (form).

Last weekend I was lucky to meet Matsuo sensei and three students (Masaki san, Tsubasa san, Takahiro san) from IBU.  I am very grateful for the possibility and I am glad there will be already three students I know already.

I managed to chat in Japanese, and altough it is faaaaaar from a normal conversation, it is definitely a start and a base I can build up on. It was reassuring 🙂

Thank you all who were there and all of you who were with me in spirit, supporting me on my journey.


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White Rose – London

As preparation for my kyudo year I recently had an amazing kyudo practice in the White Rose dojo.

Thank you Akos for the invitation and all the help!

If you are in London and you do kyudo this is a must to visit dojo. Awesome teachers, very good atmosphere, welcoming and friendly group.

If I ever move to London this would be the dojo to go. 😉