Posts, posts, posts

I have so many … in theory. But don’t have the patience to sit down, go through them and write them up. Maybe one day 🙂

Also a lot of photos to sort out and if needed adjust a bit (altough I prefer out of the camera…). I’ll get there sometime 🙂

We had the opportunity to go to the 40 All Japan Kobudo Enbu and for our biggest surprise we were put in the vip section. (as usual in Japan, we were not told beforehand). It was a very nice event and a lot of amazing things to see. A bit sad to see how few Japanese came to see this event.

I made some videos and there were professionals with big cameras, so hopefully they will turn up on youtube in the coming days.

My practice is on hold, we have a break and I will travel to visit friends in Fukuoka.

I will have a trip to the Ghibli museum this month and slowly my stay is coming to an end and I can worry about getting a job somehow, somewhere.

Back to the “real” life.