Still alive

I’m still around. 😉

Riding the train is perfect for having time to type in a quick update for you all. The school schedule is still over stuffed and we have close to 0 time for studying. It’s mostly running from class to class. Its close to the end of the semester, I have 4 reports to write next week.

My last months were memorable and i learned a lot about myself too.

I had a few trips, I met amazing people, made new friends and more. I’ll try to get some posts out of me in the coming weeks. I have a lot of photos too waiting to be sorted, articles to be written about sadou, kyudo, competitions, life in Japan, student life, clubs, life in the country side , surfing, SUPing, and much more.

I miss writing and having time to compose my thoughts in a more coherent way. So… you’ll here from me soon 🙂