Generosity Update #10

Things are slowly advancing,  I managed to submit Visa application last week!
Although Belgium is trying everything to mess with my plans. First, I had to work on that day, so I had to leave earlier from my job to have any chance to get there in the opening hours.

Then the trains were delayed because of a bomb alert at the Leuven station. Then the train company’s IT system collapsed in Brussels.
When I arrived to the Japanese Embassy after some running they told me that the photos I brought are not acceptable because they look like the one on my ID, which means they are older then 6 months and thats not good. I need new ones. Closest photo machine is a train stop or a metro stop away… Train and metro in a 5-10 min walk/run.  I managed to find it in at the next metro stop and made new ID photos and payed more then I was supposed to because the photo machine did not have change. Then running back to be in time… 20 min before closing I managed to submit everything and could head home.
I only needed to wait some 15-20 minutes in the metro because that had to stop for some tine too for some reason. Somehow I managed to get back to Leuven safe with a promise for a Visa.

Going to pick it up this Wednesday… I hope all went alright!


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