Generosity Update #11


I have news 🙂

Wednesday was an interesting day with a lot of running around but most importantly I got my VISA! Its a 1 year 3 months Visa from Wednesday. One more step towards Japan! They were super helpful at the embassy and we were done in 5 minutes. I also got 2 papers with it, one with information about entering the country and the other one is titled Guide to live in Japan. In 2 pages 🙂 And I could meet up with Áron and Eszter for a drink after. It is very nice to have some time for friends.

I have a few more weeks till departure, and until I will close this campaign. If you would like to help out you can still contribute! Even after the campaign is closed donations will be gladly accepted to paypal or bank account. It all goes to living costs and if there will be any plus that goes for traveling in Japan and showing you My Japan through photos and videos.

Found a few Hungarian vloggers in Japan the last few weeks and I am playing with the idea 🙂


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