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Just a random quick post 🙂

Part of this moving is packing and gathering information. The packing part goes quite slowly but today was a big step. I started to sort out stuff I want to bring and stuff I have to bring and gather them in one place, next to the suitcases. Next phase will be making the piles smaller 🙂 Its always a trade off and I was a hoarder since forever.


On the information gathering part I got in to contact with a few Hungarians living in Japan asking for advices. They are there for a while, so hopefully it helps 🙂 I found two websites already for getting a data sim in Japan. ( , Seems like you have to stay longer for a normal simcard. But data sims sound better anyways. I can be careful and not use it up in 30 days and save money on this too. IM, Line, Skype should be enough for everything.

I am also playing with the idea of a vlog. There will be videos for sure, but maybe I will make something more too.

Started to write a list about places I want to visit too! So if you are reading this and you have some ideas, suggestions please share those in the comments 🙂



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