After quite some struggle arrived to Japan. My first plane got cancelled due to the terrible attacks in Brussels. I made it to Aachen and stayed at a friends place to reach Frankfurt airport in the morning for the second flight to Narita.


It’s a loooong flight! Note to self, buy noise reduction headphones. The background noise of the plane is quite loud for watching movies with normal volume. I had a nice Japanese lady next to me. They were in Italy to see an Opera! Of course a few extra days here and there, but they went for the opera. She loves Kabuki more 🙂 Aniko, you should check out Kabuki 😉

I had a nice welcome!


And got registered right away. Getting in the country is fast, convenient, no issues at all.

The next few days will be in and around Tokyo! I will keep you all posted 😉

Oh, and this Jinja is like next door to my friends place! Had an amazing home made lunch and karupisu, stayed awake so far, and heading out for dinner soon.

Tomorrow hopefully Anime Japan! I will bring my camera! 🙂



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