First Kyudo class

I had the first class today. Loooot of things to learn. The way of the dojo work is a bit different too then home. Lots of reiho.

I got a nice yumi and some arrows. Learned how to bring back arrows and clean them. Still having problems with what and when to shout back.

The beginning and the end is a bit like at the shinto shrine. 2 rei, two claps, 1 rei.

I am the only gaijin, so lets hope my Japanese will be better day by day!

I am catching up with the last days posts and I will post them shortly. I have a lot of nice photos coming too! Keep looking, interesting things are coming!

For example my first shiai on the 10th, I am second mato. Still have to get confident in the form.

Thats it for today, the posts about the last few days will be probably a bit more interesting 😉



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