Issues – Plans

Lets start with some issues:

  • Having some laptop issues, but I’m working on it. Now it got some ram upgrade, the monster runs on 24GB now! Lightroom flies. I still have to get a good editing software for movies.  So you should see more of the photos I take soon.
  • Motivational issues for writing, photography and the rest.
  • Slacking of with Japanese
  • Being sick a lot lately. Its the local Kaze, or catching the cold. This covers kind of everything that is not semi serious. It just keeps me down a lot and missing kyudo practices too.
  • Japan is expensive

And some plans:

  • More time with people 🙂
  • More scheduled times for tasks
  • Write. Write a lot. Get things out and share the adventures with you all. Starting right with this post 😛
  • Running
  • Big walks
  • Hikes
  • More planned photography, not just clicking away
  • Baito baito baito
  • More kyudo practice
  • Even more sadou time



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