I managed to go to jodo again at last!
This is a class from the Chiba jodo bugai.
Its a growing club, and usually the students are higher grades in other kind of martial arts.
Tomita sensei is the main teacher. He is amazing. Somewhere above 80 years old but he still moves like he would be a gentle 60s.
The usual training is zenken first and koryu after. This was my first time to participate and not just watch, so i was checked by him and by Ohashi sensei (former riot police officer). We went through the zenken katas on both sides in a going around form, so everybody practiced with everybody.
After this we had some time for koryu, i had some time to remind myself of omote while watching others and doing it with them. Then Tomita sensei checked my omote being the tachi while Ohashi sensei was watching from the side. I passed I think 🙂 Tomita sensei said with practice I have potential to be good 🙂
There will be an exam seminar in november i can go to and a big 2 days seminar in Tokyo in January. Yeay 🙂

It felt so good to be back for jodo… I missed it a lot. Still my favorite 🙂

Also I really like Chiba. Lots of memories and good atmosphere.



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